Can you spot the English here?

Scones @ Ye Olde Smokehouse

For a small time traveller like me, an English scone is hard to come by. Now, when they say Fraser’s Hill is Malaysia’s own ‘Little England’, I didn’t expect to see actually a small chunk of England left in this country after the Britons left us behind in the Second World War.

I was taken aback when led into the small courtyard of Ye Olde Smokehouse, sat down in front of picnic tables lined with levels of scones and pies and homemade jams, and invited for an afternoon tea. Where the waiters would always be by your side, ready to serve you coffee, tea, or a few more lumps of sugar in your drink.

The texture reminds me much of the smaller Chinese delicacies called tau sar pneah, which Chinese often haul along during an overseas trip to visit friends and relatives, and pretend we don’t know there is any eggs used as ingredients when the custom officers ask.

I waited for the familiar taste of Chinese grounds but it never came. Instead, I got to relish the thin layers of butter, whipped cream and homemade jam that peak shyly on my taste buds. The crusts just crumble away the moment it touches your tongue. Such pleasantry to go well with your choice of coffee or tea.

Ye Olde Smokehouse’s quaint courtyard is a nice place to enjoy this olden English delicacy. With shady trees surrounding the perimeter, it keeps visitors shielded from the slanting sunlight in the afternoons, but not totally to shun away the lukewarm heat that is always welcome in the highlands.

Ye Olde Smokehouse Hotel & Restaurant
Jalan Jeriau
49000 Fraser’s Hill
Pahang Darul Makmur
T: +6 09 362 2226


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