MTV Asia Awards 2008 : Red Carpet

Event: MTV Asia Awards 2008
Date: August 2, 2008 (Saturday)
Venue: Arena of Stars, Genting – City of Entertainment

After nearly missing my bus to Genting by a second, going on an unexpected ride on the Skyway – which sort of messed up my time calculation, almost missing my time to get my media pass, and stressing out over the slow hotel check-in while everyone was being escorted to the red carpet, (not even bothering to find time for lunch, may I add), I finally made it there myself.

The mosh pitters lining the stretch were already pumped up as I find myself a nice spot behind the barricade opposite theirs. They broke into songs by practically all of the international nominees that night, singing and cheering just to keep the mood going. As they sang along to those famous hits, I could only smile at them and wonder if I have gotten too old for all of this. Or maybe, their kind of fun is not my cup of tea.

MTV VJs Denise, Taya, Utt and JUJU graced the red carpet around 4PM as expected. The first thing that came to my mind as they strolled down the red aisle was fuck, Utt is short. Haha. I expected him to be taller. If not taller than Denise, at least at the same height as her. But he looked dashing in his black tux, so it was all good.

The moment the VJs appeared, the crowd went wild and the photographers rushed forward to get good shots of them. Me, being short, had to remain on the platform a little behind from the huddling bunch and managed to take only bad shots. Granted, it was my first time at the red carpet and I was not supposed to be the photographer then. So, taking shots without looking through the lens was not something I have gotten a hang of yet. Out of the bunch of shots I took, this was the best. The rest were just of their bodies, or with other media in the way. Bah.

Next came Jabbawockeez.

Then Ella. Probably the only artists there who were not there just to win awards.

When word went round that The Pussycat Dolls were next, the guys went gaga. Everyone started pulling out their camera phones and uncapping their sharpies as they gazed down the end of the red carpet anticipating the slightest glint of the Dolls’ flashy outfits and hair.

Their last performance in Malaysia was a great hooha mainly because of their exposed outfits. So, I was quite surprised they were still invited to perform at the MAA in Malaysia this year. And as an opening act too. Definitely something to wait upon when the red carpet was done.

It was the girls turn to go completely insane when Super Junior walked down the aisle. There were flashy LED signs of their name waving around, and the signs seemed to shadow them as they made their way towards the Arena.

I mean, what is the deal with them anyway? Just another boy band (with like, 12 fucking members, what the hell) with good looks and over-trimmed eyebrows. And what is with that hand thing? Talk to the hand? Sheesh. As they hogged the limelight, I could only try to tune out the deafeaning screams as I try to get good shots without barfing over their flawless physique.

By the time The Click Five came, I managed to squeeze myself up against the railing for good shots, and even have a leverage to boot. Heh. For some reason, the photographers standing in front of me disappeared to somewhere. See how close I was? It was sort of scary, having these boy bands walked up to us. Yes, emo-looking boy bands scare me. Let them out to get me if you do not want me close to you.

Ah, the moment I have been waiting for when Jared Leto came down the red carpet with his co-host of the night, Karen Mok. Again, another surprise when it was announced back in May that Jared Leto will be hosting this year’s MAA. A Hollywood star with a line of weird films to his credentials, and a screamo band that is not exactly up to the liking of the typical Malaysian music scene. But I guess girls will find it hard to look away from his striking eyes. I mean, look, he looked at my camera. Heh. And fuck, his legs are skinny. Jealous much.

Now, it was already hard enough trying to get good shots with photographers coming in from left and right. Heck, someone from behind even had his camera over my head. Not that I mind that much. I will tell you what I mind more.

These people.

I mean, come on, you guys have already gotten the best shit being the only media in front of the barricade. The only media who got to stop the artists in their tracks and interview them. Must you guys stop in front of us poor photographers restricted behind the railings?

Whenever a new celebrity sprung out, they would rush up to them, and with that, block our view. We had to try our best to take shots over their freaking shoulders. And they were not exactly short, you know. But, I guess someone said something because later during the event, we found them stuck at one spot a few steps away from the “photographing point”. So, yeah.

Leona Lewis and her fans.

So, I was just taking a breather after she moved on down the red carpet, when I looked up and saw this quiet guy standing there.

Show Lo. It was a moment of awkwardness because his presence was totally snubbed out by a more popular Leona Lewis. He just popped out of nowhere and just stood there, like “hello, take a shot of me, goddammit!” Heh.

Then, came The Script.

And Stefanie Sun.

And Li Yu Chun. Whom we had no idea who she was until later in the night.

Flip it to the opposite sex and from black to white and you have…

Nicholas Teo. Heh.

The crowd went on a frenzy again when OneRepublic finally showed up. They started singing Apologize and Stop and Stare again, and I wondered if those were the only songs the fans knew of. Sad how these popular singles silenced the better songs in their album.

And apparently Ryan Tedder was too good to be in my picture. See how he ruined the perfect group shot I could have taken. Hmph.

Ah, the good ol’ PANIC! At the Disco, looking stylish. Nice hat. Reminds me of Eric the Hat Collector in Mr Magorium’s Wonder Emporium for some reason.

Also, walking the red carpet are Pop Shuvit.

TOR+ Saksit. Who looks a lot like Mike. Heh.

And Chicosci.

And also, Jacklyn Victor. The first Malaysian Idol. When your album does not do well, don’t worry. There will be a foreign fiance waiting for you.

I would say it was a pleasant experience being at the red carpet with a camera. The challenge for a good shot and all. Because believe me, things sort of went downhill from then onwards.


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  2. estarh Says:

    SO MUCH FUN! 😉

  3. Ah_Mike Says:

    No way he looks like me lah….

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