MTV Asia Awards 2008 : Backstage

Event: MTV Asia Awards 2008
Date: August 2, 2008 (Saturday)
Venue: Arena of Stars, Genting – City of Entertainment

After the artists and the mosh pitters have been escorted into the Arena, we media were left out in the foggy cold for a little too long – yeah, just a little too long – for buses to transport us to the photo and press rooms. Which was a shock to us, because we were expecting the two rooms to be just beside the Arena, where winners would proceed to upon receiving their awards to take pictures and get interviewed.

Food. Glorious food lining the buffet table the moment we got into the media area. After being left in the cold for too long, and not having anything since breakfast, I stomached down as much as I could while watching the award show from, alas, a television screen. Well, at least it is live. Heh.

After that, photographers and journalists parted ways to go to their respective rooms, whereby one was not allowed in another unless applied prior to the event. Right about then, I wished I had applied for both press and photo rooms. Because no cameras were allowed in the press room. Period. Meh.

We were halfway through watching the show when the person-in-charge came in to announce our first interviewee for the night. Li Yu Chun, who had just won the Favourite Artist of Mainland China Award.

Being from China, it was only natural for us to post questions about the 2008 Olympics in Beijing, which is just a few days away. She, and a few more subsequent Chinese artists were bombarded with their involvement in the Olympics.

Next came Leo Ku, winner of the Favourite Artist of Hong Kong Award.

I did not know he was even in the awards show until he went on stage with Stefanie Sun and Show Lo to present some awards. It was only later that his present became an understatement when he won the award. By then, it gradually dawned on us that only the winners of each award category showed up. Great suspense, that was. It was a cheap thrill for me to hear some of the Chinese journalists calling him by his nicknames: “Har Kau” and “Kei Chai“. Don’t ask me, apparently it is something the Chinese Asians have been doing for a very long time.

Nobody knew anything about TOR+ Saksit when he came in with his win for Favourite Artist of Thailand. But according to him, he seemed very skilled in classical piano, and he already has like, five albums released in Thailand – three instrumental and two vocal. And he was probably the first Thai who spoke English fluently, without the usual Thai accent. Quite impressive. Yup.

The moment we all been waiting for came when the person-in-charge announced that OneRepublic is coming in next. And she totally snubbed out our excitement when she said, “6 questions only”. What. The. Fuck. Man.

With that, the moment they sat down with their Best Hook Up Award, they were attacked with questions. Don’t bother raising your hand because some other media person would just rush in with his own question. How rude.

They all seemed to have a marvelous time, being new in the music scene and being so popular and all. Very excited in every question they answered, and even made a promise to come back to Malaysia for their own concert. And they even stressed that they “don’t break promises”. Well, you guys better live up to that or else it will definitely be too late to apologise. Heh.

Trust me when I said nobody actually expected Nicholas Teo to win the Favourite Artist of Malaysia Award, being in the same category as Faizal Tahir and hello, Dato’ Siti Nurhaliza. But it helps when you have the typical emo-like Cheenabeng hairstyle and a cute face. And it is a voting category, so you should know by now how wrong things can get. Someone from the crowd even went on to ask him how the hell he could win the award because he isn’t exactly famous in Malaysia. Ouch. It’s the face, my friend. It’s the face.

The Chinese journalists went wild with questions when Show Lo came in with his Favourite Artist of Taiwan Award. (And yes, the face helped for him too; he was from ROMEO, after all). Questions were a little off. Things like “how long did you take to practice that line of English you spoke on stage” and “how long did you take to dress up for the night” came up. But well, again, maybe it is the Chinese Pop culture, so I am not going to say much about it. Just know that it is not exactly the kind of road I would like to go down.

The Script was well-loved in the press room despite them not being nominated in any category. Like OneRepublic, they were quite excited just being there to perform their hit song “The Man Who Can’t Be Moved”. Hailing from Ireland, a country that have spawned quite a few musicians of my choice, I wanted to ask questions relating them to U2 and Damien Rice. But I decided to let it go after hearing them talk about the influences being The Street, Stevie Wonder and Brian McKnight. Not to say those are bad musicians, but well, I thought I saw a spark of hope in them. I was quite impressed with their performance.

There came another bout of frenzy when Leona Lewis came in with her Breakthrough Artist Award. Everyone was excited, but me, I was not fucking impressed. Out of all the interviews that night, hers probably sucked the most. Her gentle way of replying our questions with her bright smile, ain’t buying it. Her replies were mere “yes” and “no”, before proceeding to telling us fabricated things like how much music meant to her and yada yada. Yes, tell me something new, Leona. Because I have definitely not heard that one before.

Other interviewees included Stefanie Sun, with her Favourite Artist of Singapore Award. It was quite amusing throughout her interview when her Singlish slangs started letting loose. Heh.

Also, Chicosci, winner of the Favourite Artist of the Philippines Award. Quite a happy bunch too, especially when they talked about hugging The Pussycat Dolls.

Karen Mok and Jared Leto came over when they finished hosting the award show. According to Jared, he was tired as hell, which I kind of doubted because he was later spotted in the post party. Despite that, he still managed to pull some jokes out of his hat once in a while.

Lastly was Yuvie & Nuno with their Favourite Artist of Indonesia Award. By then, everyone was more than ready to go home. They were on the stage for what, a minute, then the person-in-charge wrapped things up because everyone just stared back at them like students would towards a dull lecturer. They were not really a talkative bunch either.

So, yes. Not exactly the funnest interview session, I would say. The person-in-charge was such a party pooper. Heh. But well, it was still a nice experience to be in the same room with MAA winners and international acclaimed stars like OneRepublic and Jared Leto. Would have been nice if PANIC! were around, but ah well, beggars cannot be choosers.

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4 Responses to “MTV Asia Awards 2008 : Backstage”

  1. cindy Says:

    show lo not from f4 lah!!!

  2. guest_1 Says:

    Hi… Show Lo is not from F4.

    He was from another group known as ROMEO.

  3. Celeste Says:

    whoops. sorry about that. me and my limited knowledge of chinese artists.
    thanks for the heads up anyway.

  4. shuee Says:

    no picture of Panic! At The Disco? =(

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