Miss Busybody, can I pencil you in?

For any kind of traveller – big or small – there will always come a time when travelling just gets too much for us. And all you want is to just have the best hotel to go back to and sleep the hours away.

Luckily, for the many business executives in the heart of KL, there is the Parkroyal KL’s brand new Orchid Club wing to kick back and relax. And lucky for me, I got to play pretend for one night, as if I am some big shot CEO coming into town for some business meeting, lugging my little carry-on and suit to the hotel ready for a good night’s rest.

For some reason, their check-in reception is not only away from the general check-in counters, but way up on the top floor of the Orchid Club wing. As I made my way to my room, I passed by the Zen Atrium, which is quite cool in some sense, but I thought to be quite pointless in another. Maybe if you stare at the changing lights long enough, you would actually feel zen. I don’t know. Heh. But I guess, I could not imagine anything else filling up that space either.

When I got into my room, I just loved every corner of it. A very inviting king-sized bed with plush pillows and the thickest comforter I would ever dream of having. Compared to my tiny single bed still left on the floor because I have not gotten around to buy a bed frame yet, this is like Heaven. So, yes, there is a big LCD TV screen, where more important people can watch CNN and NBC and ABC. But what pleased me that day more than the bigass TV and an emperor’s bed, was something as simple as having free Net access in the hotel room. Ah yes, I am indeed a geek. Heh.

However, I would not recommend looking out the windows. I bet the hotel staffs are aware of that too, because the blinds are always tightly shut. Now, if you must know, Parkroyal KL is situated along Jalan Sultan Ismail, one of the bustling streets at the heart of KL. And if you are familiar with the beat of this city, it is not healthy and has been diagnosed with all sorts of heart problems available to a metropolis.

When I looked out my window, it was like hell on the other side. A bumper-to-bumper gridlock, and a monorail squeaking past overhead. I had a chance to peak out the windows of their Executive Suite, and I found myself face-to-face with a demolished building across the street. Yes, windows closed please.

But, you have to give them credit for creating such an euphoric atmosphere in the midst of such havoc. Besides, which businessmen would like to stare out the windows of a city-based hotel anyway?

After checking in to my room and settling my stuffs down, I got an appointment at the St Gregory Spa. The last time I had a spa treatment was years ago, and it was wonderful to be welcomed back to the aromatic rooms. All I remembered of that session, was the masseuse running her thumb up my spine, and cracking it on the way. After that, I was slowly drifting off to sleep, hearing the faint traffic buzz outside the thick walls.

When I got back to my room, I realised that someone had came in and flipped my bedsheets for me. That was the first for me. Because throughout my life of staying in hotels, I have never had an invisible butler flipping my bedsheets before I go to bed. I would not be surprised if he happened to stand next to my bed when I wake up the next morning. Or pop out from the wardrobe when I ring a bell.

The bathroom was awesome in some sense. For one, it has a rain showerhead. And. That is about it, really. But yes, a rain showerhead. First encounter in my life.

I parked myself at the desk to use the free Net access before bed. The air-conditioning was cold as hell as it was directing right at me. Got myself logged in to chit chat with my friends online and had the TV tuned in to So You Think You Can Dance – not because I watch it because the Malaysian candidate sucks compared to the Americans, but because there is nothing else on TV. After that, I looked so defeated lying there on my new king-sized bed. But contented, nonetheless.

I would have slept till the following afternoon, but alas, I had an appointment to go to. And it was with a heavy heart as I packed my bags and left the room. But, as always, the fun part of being in a hotel stay, is the complimentary breakfast the next morning. I love myself some variety of cereal and eggs and buttered toast with a glass of orange juice.

The last highlight of my stay was when the waiter came up to me and asked how would I like my eggs. Scrambled, please.

Parkroyal Kuala Lumpur
Jalan Sultan Ismail
50250 Kuala Lumpur
T: +6 03 2147 0088
W: http://www.parkroyalhotels.com


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