A quiet mind.

I have never been a morning person. Ask anyone that knows me. They would all snicker at any morning-related activities I attempt. But that morning, I felt like walking along the deserted beach and listening to Damien Rice. I have never done it before. Walking by the beach at the break of dawn, that is. So, since the itinerary was going to be a laid back one, I thought, why not.

I woke up an hour earlier, washed the sleep off my face, got dressed, grabbed my iPod and headed off to the beach. The weather has been gloomy at best during my stay on the island, but that morning, the air was still yet not humid enough to make me go into hiding. I took off my sandals and felt the hardened sand under my feet. It was not the best beach, if you ask me: the sand was hard from yesterday’s rain and grey, and the waves were pathetically timid. But it was enough for a quiet time.

The delicate strum of Delicate filled my ears along with the crashing waves. Every beat of the song brought me closer to the ocean until I could feel the lukewarm water lapping my toes. I cast my back to the vast building behind me. Where lovers were still asleep in each other’s arms. Where the pool boys were still figuring out the right amount of chlorine for the pool. Where waitresses were setting up the spread for breakfast.

I saw clouds building kingdoms in the clear blue sky. I saw the edges of the island like arms trying to hold the world. I saw transparent hermits scurrying back to the many holes they have dug. I saw trapped bubbles punctuating under the sand. I saw waves rushing to me like foamy creepy-crawlies, only to reach my ankles with the most tender embrace.

My mind was blank. I tried to pull out a troubling memory to mull over, but the search came up blank. I tried to think of someone I would like to share this with, but I found none that could be more appropriate. It was definitely a ‘me’ time. A time to worry about nothing. A time when time itself stood still, and I was buried between the seconds, where Father Time could not find me.

I walked with The Blower’s Daughter by the shore, and tried to sink away into the Straits with Amie. When Cold Water came, I knew it is time to snap out of it and return to reality. It was with a heavy heart as Eskimo took me back to my room.

It was wonderful.


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One Response to “A quiet mind.”

  1. slumbeR@J@ Says:

    the place in that picture look nice…

    anyone wanna exchange link? slumbeR@J@!

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