Get on your dancing shoes.

Event: Wade Robson Dance Workshop in Malaysia
Date: October 18, 2008 (Saturday) – October 19, 2008 (Sunday)
Venue: Celebrity Fitness, One Utama

If I had Speedy Parker’s magic juice with me and had used it to flip over to another world and met my Twinner, she would be an avid dancer working on a professional career, hunting out for any competitions and workshops and performances out there to bring her to the next step.

Why not? I have always thought dancing is a wonderful past time. It would be awesome to pursue it as a professional career. You go out there, strut a few moves dancing as a backup for a famous pop act, who cannot really sing to save his/her life, maybe you get notice and you move on to more serious dancing, teach a few classes in a famous dance studio, choreograph a few sketches for popular dance TV shows, have your own TV show, then start a tour just promoting how good a dancer you are. And some time along the way, you win some awards, which you never thought could ever happen for a choreographer.

My sister is a dancer herself, so I think it is only fair that there is some dancing blood in me. I may not be as creative as she is when it comes to dance moves, but at least I look good dancing about in Euphoria and Zouk, when I am under alcoholic influence. But alas, in the meantime, I just have to settle with watching luckier ones competing for the top spot in TV shows like So You Think You Can Dance and Dancing with the Stars, criticising the dancers as if I know what the hell I am talking about.

When I heard that Wade Robson is stopping by Malaysia for a dance workshop, I could not believe my ears. The Wade Robson. (Yes, there comes a time you know you have made it when you start having an article in front of your name, which make you the one and only, the Alpha and the Omega). The same guy whom I used to watch in MTV’s Making the Video episodes as he helped N Sync and Britney Spears get into shape for their music videos. The same guy whose choreographs I tried to copy meticulously by merely watching music videos and behind-the-scenes over and over again. (Trust me, you do not want to know why I did that).

The signature bom-bom-pahs he always made while teaching his dance moves. The only person’s choreograph that I approve for singers who need fancy dance moves to make it work, because his moves filled in every beat of the song. No pauses to bop heads or cheesy open arms poses to fill in the gap. The dancers are constantly moving from one step to the next, non-stop. For a choreographer, I just love his work.

So, it felt like God just dropped a pair of sparkling red dancing shoes in our presence when Wade rocked up our Malaysian shores. I do not know why. Maybe it has something to do with seeing him back when pop groups were a hit again in the late 1990s. Maybe it has something to do with seeing him on SYTYCD, all clean and unshaved, with his awesome Ramalama choreograph. Everything seemed so far away then. I had to see him in person. It is like those “people you want to meet before you die” kind of thing.

There was no fanfare or a crowd of girls screaming for him and pulling at his shirt when he arrived at the press conference. Everything was quite. Tame. With those pop bands’ phenomenal and unexplainable success back then, you would think someone would know a tinge of who he is. But surprisingly, he is quite anonymous.

There were less than ten of us that day. I was expecting to fight for a chance to ask my questions like I did at the MTV Asia Awards, but instead, it was only me and another girl. I even had time to take photos and ask him questions. But of course, it was partly because they have kept everything so hush-hush about this workshop that only the real dancing enthusiasts know what is coming up. So, I sort of liked the intimacy around the whole thing.

It was amazing to see him in person and only just two feet away from me. It was surreal. I felt like a fangirl and he a superstar. I just could not believe that I was in the same room as he is. I could not pull my eyes away from him as he looked straight at me while answering my questions, and I had to try to be nonchalant as I looked away from his finishing smile, when really, I felt a little giggly inside. My journalistic self was thinking, “holy crap, Wade Robson just answered my questions”. When I shook his hand and then took a picture with him, it was only after the snap of the camera that I asked myself, “was that his hand on my waist?” Heh.

I grew up missing out on those crazy times when we were younger and we had to scream our way through concerts and backstage passes to meet celebrities in the flesh, so do excuse me as I try to quench my deprived childhood while doing everything in a more adult way.

Wade was quite a nice guy. Although he was not as crazy as I had seen him with the celebrities he used to work with. The only time he cracked a joke was when Dina went “Oh my God, I just touched Wade Robson!” and he said jokingly, “Oh, stop it.”

Throughout the conference, it felt like he was not really in the limelight, even though it was his face that was splashed all over the posters and flyers. It seemed like everyone would like to shine the light entirely on him, but did not really know how. Perhaps they did not know him that well to do that. Perhaps they did not want his presence to overshadow the workshop. But he seemed to be taking the workshop quite seriously, like we were there for a business meeting and he was pitching in his plans for the Malaysian dancers.

Unfortunately, his workshop was a closed set. In order to be a part of it, one would need to pay RM250. For a hour and half session. Crazy, really. But judging that he is an international choreographer, it would not come cheap. Besides, I would say it is quite a steal and a great opportunity. It is not every day God is so kind, especially to us on this side of the Earth. It would be awesome to be able to learn a few steps from him.

Whatever it was, it was truly a wonderful experience to be in the same room as Wade Robson. How many people could actually say that? To take a glimpse of that guy, you would need to pay a crazy amount. But hey, if you have missed out this time, cross your fingers because while he was here testing the Malaysian dance market, he might consider swinging by again with something bigger and more official if he sees fit. So. Hold your breath and remember where you keep your best dancing shoes.

All this talk about how awesome he is without actually seeing his stuff is nothing at all. So, here be a video of his Emmy award-winning choreograph for Roisin Murphy’s Ramalama (Bang Bang) in the second season of SYTYCD. Probably the latest piece from him that I know of and like. And I thought the song was marvellous.

Also seen on VM @ Travel Talk.

The Wade Robson Dance Workshop will be on October 18 and 19, 2008 at the 1 Utama Celebrity Fitness.


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