Here’s a kitty.

There’s a kitty.

And a whole lot of kitties when you walk through this entrance.

I thought it was ridiculous at first. Of all things you can make a museum out of, a Cat Museum. Now I have seen everything. Heh. And I would at least say it is cool if there are live cats in the museum, but sadly, all they have is some 2,000 exhibits of anything and everything about the felines from around the world.

But, how can I say no to something as cute as this?

I mean, just look at it! How could you say no? It would be a sin to overlook this house of the felines when they are looking like that.

I have to give it to them for coming up with the time to go out there and find everything that they could about cats. Whatever cats you have encountered throughout your years on this fair Earth, you can see them once again shelved up in this museum to go down in history.

There are figurines.

There are pop-up books. Although this looks more like a horror story than a bedtime story. Giant kitties attacking baby cribs is not something one would recommend reading to your kids before bed.

There are framed posters and pictures. I especially love the serial ones here. Definitely something I would like decorating my walls. Simple yet adorable.

And these cute ones peeking out at you at the turn of the corner.

And also the more popular ones you have seen growing up. My childhood favourite, Tom & Jerry, which is still something nice to watch on the Cartoon Network from time to time. From the purple Cheshire Cat in Alice in Wonderland, to the black kitty in Pinocchio, to the fat and lazy orange cat who loves lasagna – Garfield, to the itty-bitty kitties in The Aristocats.

Also, the Japanese future wonder Doraemon.

And who could forget the unexplainable phenomena that is Hello Kitty. Taking the world by storm in any form of memoriabilia from school bags and water tumblers to fans and balloons. Merely looking at it gives me the creeps.

The praise-worthy Maneki Neko for good fortune.

Not forgetting mascots like Sawasdee for the 1995 SEA Games and Kuching’s own yellow cat mascot that comes out to greet everyone during the Kuching Festival in August.

Back in the old days of 1788, people puffed – or purred – up a storm with the Black Cat.

And the not-so-cute ones: some figurines made out of seashells or pistachio shells or something. And these cat teapots that looks as if they were asking for more milk.

And a gravestone ala Stephen King’s 1983 Pet Sematary. Or not. Looks more like a comedy rather than horror. Heh.

It is not really a place I would put on top of my list when visiting Kuching and/or Sarawak. But, it would be a fun trip to just be in the middle of it all. It is, after all, the first and only Cat Museum available. Ever. And you do not have to worry about coming out with cat hair all over you. However, I would not recommend it to you if you were a ailurophobe. It might give you nightmares for life.

Cat Museum
Bukit Siol, Jalan Semariang
Petra Jaya
93050 Kuching
Opens Tuesday to Sunday @ 9AM – 5PM

T: +6 082 446 688 ext. 805


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