Don’t think, just shoot.

We were hanging around the Orang Asli village, still drying up our asses from the rapids shooting up the Tembeling River earlier, when a great kingdom of rain clouds started moving towards our direction. As we tried to speed up the tour, the wind grew stronger and rustled the trees around us. We had all just escaped into our boats, ready to head back to our resort when the rain started to fall like big teardrops.

It was like a race as we tried to speed back down the river bends without actually overturning the boats at the rapid areas. The boats were roofless, and everyone was scrambling to shelter themselves under soaked towels and pathetic deflated cushions. And all I could think of was, I have spent all my life running away from rain and keeping myself dry in the car during traffic jams, why should it be the same now?

Ah, what the heck, I thought, as I unveiled the towel over my head and felt the heavy rain soaked me inside out instantly. I was already wet from the water activity earlier, and it would be futile anyway to hide from the rain with nothing concrete as a shelter, so why even try? It is not everyday one gets to be covered in rain within the premises of a rainforest, so why not just embrace it all now?

I saw the rain lasering down to the river, and remembered a scene from Forrest Gump, where he talked about the raindrops coming from all sides of him: front, back, downwards and even those shooting upwards. I saw elderly trees watching us on both sides of the river, with branches of leaves cascading down on us like a girl drying her hair off her shoulders. The world beyond the lush green borders fell away, and I smelt the great outdoors of green and blue.

I felt a sense of freedom as I looked up at the sky raining down on me. The feeling of the cool raindrops caressing my face like happy tears streaking my cheeks, and the feeling of not having to worry about things that were supposed to happen and just going with the flow. Growing up, I have never been one who would leave my life up to fate, but that day, amidst the rainforest, it was liberating to just throw all cautions in the air and embrace what Mother Nature has given to me.

I could not help smiling towards the sky.

The rain had slowed down when our boats kissed the dock. We walked back to our rooms with squishy slippers and drenched forms. I took a hot shower the moment I peeled my clothes off of me like a second skin, and afterwards, buried myself under the sheets and felt this sense of comfort and cuddle that would lull me to sleep dreaming of flying with clouds.

I would not trade that with anything else in the world.

Mutiara Taman Negara Resort
Kuala Tahan
27000 Jerantut
Pahang Darul Makmur
T: +6 09 266 3500 / +6 09 266 2200


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