For St Valentine’s Sake.

Event: Casual ‘Chic’ Fashion Show by Three Sixty Degree
Date: January 14, 2009 (Wednesday)
Venue: Amuleto by Crystal Jade, Mid Valley Megamall

Finally, we are working in to the very last leg of this whole celebratory season extravagant – Valentine’s Day. There was Christmas and New Year’s, and coming up burning at our behinds is Chinese New Year, and just less than a month away, the season of luurve is going to rock your love boats.

The good people at Arcis Communications, along with those from Amuleto and Three Sixty Degree, have put together a special treat for Valentine’s Day. While the restaurant previewed their signature dishes from their menus, as well as a sneak peek into their Valentine’s Day menu, Cindy from Three Sixty Degree orchestrated a mini fashion show to entertain us.

Since we are still in the midst of anticipating Chinese New Year, we started off our dinner with another round of yee sang.

I may have spoken too soon when I said in my previous entry that I am not a fan of yee sang, because since then, I have tasted quite marvellous ones, including the one from Amuleto here. All of the ingredients are fresh from the kitchen and not an ounce of it is preserved. And instead of using the day-old sour plum sauce, they decided to use orange sauce instead. And it was definitely something different to shout about this year.

Before we dove into the menus to be featured, there was a half an hour fashion show by Three Sixty Degree, a boutique that is currently running online and will soon see the light of the day at Sri Hartamas.

As stated to be casual and chic, Three Sixty Degree offers fashion both for the casual and the smart, yet nothing over the top that makes you wonder if you will ever see people wearing that on the streets.

There are those as simple as T-shirts and halter tops.

As well as something red for Chinese New Year, and perhaps Valentine’s Day, or just simply something red to wear to work or to chill out with your girl friends.

I kind of like the second one, with its off-shoulders, puffy princess sleeves and the scrunched up sewing at the front. However, I have small shoulders so I am not sure if I could pull it off.

From the more chic collection, there are of course dresses. Pretty dresses. Something silky and white for, well, I don’t know, say, Valentine’s Day. Heh.

And there are also more smart casual dresses for those days at the office.

I would have to say this last piece was my instant favourite for the night.

Clothes from Three Sixty Degree will set you on a budget under RM100 per piece. So, check out Cindy’s website today to find if there is anything that tickle your fancy.

Next up were a couple of dishes from Amuleto’s upcoming Valentine’s Day menu.

For starters we had Benito Chicken Consomme. Note the heartshaped carrots on the side. This dish reminded me awfully a lot of the usual Miso soup at Japanese restaurants. Perhaps it has something to do with the shredded seaweeds. Other than that, nothing to shout about.

For appetisers was the Tango Prawn. Amuleto has an aptitude for food presentation, so for Valentine’s Day it would be a sin if your prawns are not arranged in a heartshaped manner. Heh. It was pretty good for an appetiser, with the fresh prawns and custard sauce.

From Amuleto’s existing menu came two tapas. The first one was the BBQ Shisamo Fish. Which I find interesting to the eyes. They were a bunch of tiny fishes barbequed to perfect crispiness, stuck on sticks to create an illusion of them floating in midair.

I cannot say it was the best meal for the night, as they were just little crunchy munchies to me, but I would give it the best food presentation for the night.

Another tapas was the Vegetarian black pepper diced mutton. Now, I have said once, and I would probably be saying it a gazillion times in the unforseeable future. I am a purist in meat-eating, so I would not trade real meat to chomp on anything made from flour pretending they are real meat.

I believe the black pepper sauce played a huge part in keeping the illusion alive, but when your teeth sinks into the meat of a mutton, you know it is all not true. However, it was a good dish that did vegetarian food justice, so if you pretend real hard, it might pass off as the real mutton.

You know what they say: save the best for last. The Rösti mushroom was one of the better dishes I had that night.

A common breakfast dish in Switzerland, rösti is made from grated potatoes and fried to a delicious golden brown. It tasted very much like hash browns, with the distinguishable lap of oil layering across your lips when you savour on one of the irresistible sins of culinary. Be sure to spread a generous layer of sour cream and mushroom sauce too to get the most out of this dish.

It was around this time that I was beginning to feel full, and it was quite surprising as the previous dishes were all in tiny portions. When they brought out the Braised lamb shank, my eyes grew to be the size of my plate when I saw the size of it. It was huge. And to think it was a single person’s portion.

Yet, it was a delicious entree. (Pure meat, now this is what I’m talking about!). The meat was cooked to wonderful tenderness, as if the cook has given the lamb a loving pat a day before the slaughter. I just could not help stealing pieces of the meat to my plate even though I was already quite bloated.

To seal the deal with something sweet, there was the Green tea tiramisu.

As good desserts go, for some reasons, call me weird but I never found a liking for tiramisu. It was just layer upon layer of cream. Not my way of getting diabetes at all. So, dinner pretty much sealed off with a lip-smacking kiss with the lamb shank. I took a mouthful of the dessert and I felt like I have eaten the entire sheep.

Nothing against this green tea tiramisu from Amuleto though, don’t get me wrong. I am just not a fan of tiramisu. But if you are, you might want to look into this because having green tea as a flavour, you cannot go wrong the way you cannot go wrong with chocolate as dessert. Green tea may probably be the new chocolate.

So, gentlemen, if you have not made your dinner reservations for the dreaded February 14 (and don’t you even fake a smile saying it’s your favourite time of the year), I’m sure your girlfriend has a knife poking behind you, perhaps stop by Amuleto for a dinner for two. The food is reasonably good, as so the price.

And ladies, I understand how the money is looking with all the shopping since November (face it, this ‘Savings’ sales, is just.not.working), so instead of stepping into Zara and GUESS for another splurge, how about Three Sixty Degree for this Valentine’s Day ensemble?

Amuleto by Crystal Jade
Lot G.E.015
Mid Valley Mega Mall
Mid Valley City, Lingkaran Syed Putra
59200 Kuala Lumpur
Opens Sunday to Thursday @ 10AM-11.30PM; Friday, Saturday, Eve of Holiday @ 10AM-1AM
T: +6 03 2287 4128


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