A spot of breakfast.

Last Saturday, it was raining almost the whole time, and I do not know what wires in me were loose, but I ended up spending the most of that day snoozing away, like I have not slept in weeks. I woke up the following morning at 8 and thought to myself, hmm, I would like some breakfast for myself.

And I do not mean cereal-and-milk-from-your-fridge, do-it-yourself half-boiled eggs kind of breakfast; I mean a decent breakfast outside of your home, where you can watch the suburb wake up while sipping on your glass of orange juice and reading a book, and a down-to-earth waiter serving you the best sunny side ups.

I guess Malaysia has never been a morning kind of country – alright, maybe the big gang of yum cha/dim sum crowd counts, but no, not the mamaks because they did not exactly close from last night – so spots for good all-Western breakfast is quite hard to find. Most good English breakfasts are complimentary at hotels, but I am not about to check myself into a hotel just for some runny eggs. Sure, there is Coffee Bean with their before-11AM refills, but their scrambled eggs are not scrambled at all. Just some mixture they pop into the microwave and serve it up to you. Nothing personal at all.

Today, I want to go out of the way for something different. So, the only place I can think of with my 8AM blurry mind was Departure Lounge. The last time I was there, Loo mentioned that they serve breakfast as early as 8AM, so it was good enough for me. Something non-fancy and something non-commercialised.

I went against traffic and drove all the way to Mont Kiara for a spot of breakfast. I was the first to arrive, and Loo and Annie greeted me with warm smiles, surprised to see me paying them a visit in a morning that is way too early still.

At Departure Lounge, besides serving the usual breakfast available all around – French toasts, omelette, muffins, pancakes and so on – they have this Make It My Way (MIMW) breakfast set, where you get to choose what they put on your plate. You can have a choice of three, five or seven items of grilled tomatoes, sauteed mushrooms, scrambled eggs, fried eggs, beef bacon, turkey bacon and so on.

I made my selection of grilled tomatoes, scrambled eggs and turkey bacon. With my glass of freshly squeezed orange juice with the pulps (Nah, just kidding – Annie whipped up a plastic cup from the Sunkit carton), I took my seat outside the calm and the quiet, and anticipated for my breakfast.

It was as close to ‘homey’ breakfast as I could get. So, the turkey bacon was not really bacon, but kind of a slice of ham. And the tomato was not really thoroughly grilled till blackened on the outside, and mushy on the inside. And yeah, a glass of fresh orange juice would be dandy. But. Beggars cannot be choosers. I wanted a good kind of breakfast, went out to get it, got it, and was quite pleased. Yum.

So, to all breakfast folks out there, if you know some more good spots for breakfast, do let me know. We can even make a date out of it. I am quite willing to go out of the way for one, when I am up at such hours.

Departure Lounge
Solaris Mont Kiara
10, Jalan Solaris 4
50480 Kuala Lumpur
Opens Monday to Saturday @ 8AM-10PM; Sunday and Holiday @ 10AM-5PM
T: +6 03 6203 0362
E: cafe.departure.lounge@gmail.com


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One Response to “A spot of breakfast.”

  1. lyricallemongrass Says:

    What you said about Departure Lounge is spot on.

    Nice blog you have here. 🙂

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