Holy crabs!

It is always a good thing to have a Chief Eating Officer (CEO), as your boss. For one thing, wherever there is good food, he is sure to know about it, and in due’s time the entire crabula nebulae will be off to it. So, not too long ago, CEO’s radar caught whiff – pun intended – of allegedly the best salted egg crabs ever tasted somewhere in Seremban.

Before we knew it, emails were blasted to the nebulae and on Wednesday – after some nail-biting wait arounds, we were off in full speed to Seremban. Yes, just for crabs.

There were some teasing going around to make us crave for the main dish even more. There was bean curd, roasted pork, fried eggs, mutton and veggies – bleurgh. All these dishes were lightly entertained, before finally, the moment arrived and served up to our table were five perfectly cooked mud crabs all chopped into limbs and pieces, and tainted with salted egg sauce.

Look at those babies.

My crabbing philosophy is this: leave no meat behind. Every time I eat crabs, I would spend an immense amount of time making sure all pieces of meat were plucked off its pincers, and all sucked out from its joints. I am proud to have a molehill of cleanly swiped crab shells when I am done.

This time, it was by far the slowest I have ever gotten while enjoying my crabs. Even before I delved into the meats, I seemed to be spending a very long time cleaning off the salted egg sauce off its shell. The sauce was fantastic; thick as thieves in custard yellow and yet not too salty till you are wincing for mercy. It was addictive. Every time I saw a tiny spot left, I would go after it till there is nothing more to lick for.

When it comes to the meat, these babies did not disappoint. With such huge pincers, the meat was as full as a bed of anemones at the Great Barrier Reef. Half of me just wanted to stare in amazement at so much meat all to myself, and the other half of me could not wait to run my teeth over them, swept them off and into my mouth. Yum.

In the end, we managed to clean up 10 mud crabs. By the end of the meal, everyone had their own crab shell shrine to show off, and a bloated tummy to boot.

Was it an awesome dinner? Well, I would say that was the best crab dinner. Ever. I could lie about it to make me feel better for driving all the way down to Seremban just for crabs, but fortunately, I do not need to. And the fact that it is new and secretive and do not have much people crowding the place, we will be guaranteed plenty of crabs to go around every time we visit. That is until someone starts spreading the word on where we have been.


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5 Responses to “Holy crabs!”

  1. iris Says:

    Yummy, crab’s my fav… but how nice if there is a person will take the shell put and let me eat the meat

  2. detman Says:

    whoa! i’ve never read any post before that literally had the drool still sticking to it… heheh

  3. Chubby Zebra Says:

    Haha those shells were definitely cleaned properly alright! Well done!

  4. chiefeater Says:

    i loved the article almost as much as i loved the crabs

  5. Krystabel Says:

    Gee Celeste. You’re making my tum-tum grumble. It’s lunch time now and I haven’t yet feasted on anything. Checking out holy crabs on an empty stomach is pure torture-torture. I say we go next week to retrieve the goods? Make it a race to Crab Mountain. I know i’ll win. 😛

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