Hot hot heat at the Sunburst feat.

Event: Sunburst International Music Festival 2009
Date: March 21, 2009 (Saturday)
Venue: Bukit Kiara Equestrian Club, Kuala Lumpur

There was a lot of big hoohah on who Sunburst was going to have over for this year’s festival. There was wind on Coldplay, but it blew them to Singapore instead. There was even one about BB King swinging by, but that definitely turned out to be a big fat fart. People got disappointed. People got excited. Time passed and before you knew it, there was Sunburst hogging the a part of Mont Kiara once again, ready to give people “the biggest music festival in KL”.

I have never been to a music festival before. I have heard a lot about the Big Day Out in Australia, but always, before I could get myself to get tickets, they have already sold out. I cannot go to Summer Sonic in Japan because RM500 plus for a festival is just silly. I could go to Singfest in Singapore, but I am starting to get a little weary doing these little stints for concerts there. It is not like festivals in Malaysia is that bad – even if it is, I will not have anything to compare it with anyway – so things went down and I was at the venue from 1ish on a fucking hot Saturday afternoon as a guest.

Or that. I was a little confused. What with the heat and all.

Things kicked off at 2PM sharp over at the Livesounds stage with Aseana Percussion Unit (APU). They are the same people who brought you the wonderful tonga-ful Tugu Drum Circle every Sunday, and although it was still way early in the festival, but I felt like we were already in the middle of it, when the crowd was in a good vibe and were dancing around.

APU played their rendition of some Asianic folk tunes and I thought they were pretty good. Kind of made me proud of being Malaysian for a while. (Don’t mind me, my experience here in Singapore has not been good so far so I am kind of all for Malaysia for this moment).

Straight after that, under the same marquee just opposite the stage was the Loud & Clear stage, where Reza Salleh took over.

Halfway through, I strayed to the Sky stage and saw They Will Kill Us All. OK, I know they have achieved quite a good fanbase in Malaysia already, as well as regionally, but I have not really checked them out till that day. And I was impressed. I was seriously impressed. Their sound reminded me of. I want to say Secondhand Serenade, but not that mellow and emo. So, maybe The Juliana Theory. Or Finch. But all in all, I liked the sound of them. I liked it a lot.

There was quite a crowd for them too, so I could not have been hearing things wrong. Heh.

There was also the Indonesian band 21st Night at Livesounds.

And also Juwita Suwito, Dead Mushroon, Meet Uncle Hussain, the Australian band Russian Winters, Nao and Gerhana Ska Cinta.

Other than music, Sunburst had also F&B areas peppered across the field, just in case you would like to quench your thirst with a bottle of Orange Twister or Revive. Anything to keep you from passing out on such a hot day.

There was even a makeshift 7-Eleven. Heh.

There was also a marketplace set up, selling band and Sunburst merchandises, and more food. KFC, Coffee Bean, burgers, cheese fries and many more.

Artistic ones can also let loose their arsty farts here with some graffiti art.

Lomo, anyone?

Unleash the artist in you as you leave your mark on any pair of Levi’s jeans.

Or discover the next musician in you with Guitar Hero at the Junk booth. Who knows, you might be rocking out the Sun stage in next year’s Sunburst. (But don’t count on that).

Roll around in the Zorb ball. Ack. Looks more like a torture to me than fun.

Or if you are more of the fast and furious type, perhaps the F1 stimulator in the Speedzone Interactive Tour marquee will waken your senses.

With girls in short skirts getting chummy with you and giving you small portable ashtrays as gifts after helping you with some easy-peasy games.

At around 6PM, there was a Tugu Drum Circle gathering outside one of the Tuborg tents.

Empty beer bottles with beans inside and sticks attached with rings of beer caps were handed out to the public. There were people banging on pails and clapping together thrash bin covers, as well as those leading the pack with drums and other percussion instruments. Everyone just got involved with the jam session and just bang it out. It was a beautiful sight.

The sun was beginning to set as Cosmic Kitchen took the Sun stage.

Everyone loved them. Their cosmical sounds and loving ska rhythm and dancing swing beats. Everyone just got to the groove of it all, dancing and cheering and singing to all the goodness that is the love for music.

They were like the cut-off time for the first half of the festival. After that, Estranged and Nidji kicked off the second half of more intense festivity as they brought forth the mood for the more famous acts long awaited for the day.

I did a little stopover at the Silent Disco Arena as well as night came about.

Now, I first experienced this thing when I was at Sunburst’s press conference a while back, and I am torn in two with this new phenomena.

This is the thing. 300 people in a small arena, all wearing headphones and no speakers going on. So, if you were to walk up to the arena without the headphones, you would be wondering what the deuce is going on as people were dancing it out to nothing at all. I did. I took off the headphones while I was standing amongst the people and I found it amusing to see everyone nodding their heads to the same unheard beats.

The good thing: No sound pollution. You can adjust the volume to however loud you want. You can tune in to whichever DJ was playing. There were two DJs spinning simultaneously per set throughout the night, so it counts for saving space as well.

The bad thing: There is no kick. I like the beats the speakers give my bones and I like it loud. If I want to listen to my headphones, I can just do it at home.

Anyway, I bailed around 8ish. Yes yes, I know. I missed out on all the good stuffs after night fall, like Butterfingers, N.E.R.D, KORN, Naturally 7 and Skye. But the heat has done a good part on my energy and I just wanted to go home, pack my bags and get ready for my trip to Singapore the next day for Coldplay. *Laughs back at your face*

I had quite a good time at the music festival. Not the best because of the heat, but enough to call it a nice first music festival experience. It kind of goes to show that Malaysia is capable of holding a up-to-standard event after all. Probably need more thrash bags around instead of encouraging music-goers to litter around (It does not mean anything selling “save the environment” T-shirts when you are not playing the part yourselves), but other than that, it was pretty much all good. So, good job, Pineapple Concerts. Maybe you might really get Coldplay and BB King over next year. Heh.


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  1. SmoommaDert Says:

    Fantastic article – I will visit again.

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