Into the Devil’s lair.

Event: STYLO presents “The Devil Wears…”
Date: March 30, 2009 (Monday)
Venue: Hap Seng Star, Kuala Lumpur

The elite fashion people scare me. There, I said it. It is not like they have done anything mean to me before, but there is just an air they breathe that we normal people would normally choke on, and they see something in between the hung clothes you have in your wardrobe; whilst it is just another round of rinse-and-repeat for the week, they see a chance to break the convention.

The STYLO Fashion Grand Prix is back for another year, and the fashionable and fabulous are buzzing with excitement for a week long of parties, runways, parties, runways and more parties.

Last night, STYLO made their return in the façade of the Devil with an evening party themed “The Devil Wears…”. After affirming my sins to the Father and have him bless me with holy water, I worked out an outfit that would seem passable – unless the fashion police decided to squint real hard at me and saw throught me – I stepped into the Devil’s lair to see what their hype was all about.

When I arrived, I thought I was tagging behind a group of boys from Of Montreal or PANIC! or something. Everyone in the fashion industry was dressed to their best of gothica and boudoir as they were lured into the hauntingly sultry Scarlet Mansion ala Van Helsing that was decorated with flowing red curtains dropped from the ceiling of chandeliers, and cobwebbed red candles burning beside thorn-stricken roses. At the centre stage is a golden gilded cage clambered with a bed of roses, where models and stage presenters would go into for a pose.

Suffice to say, I was out of place, walking around like a lost puppy without a master, and standing around like a withering wallflower. Not to say anyone noticed me anyway because I doubted they did. Everyone was engaged in conversations with people of their own kind. I could break a wine glass and fall on the ground and nobody would take note anyway. Heh.

While waiting for the guests of honour to arrive, guests were greeted by vampirism models in surreal outfits with magnificent hair-art done by Winnie Loo of A Cut Above, Malaysia’s top hair salon.

A little after 10PM, the Devil herself, Dato’ Nancy Yeoh strut into the mansion clad in a blood red gown that complemented the setting for the night. By her side was Dato’ Jimmy Choo OBE.

At this point, half of the crowd was strangely drawn to where the VVIPs were, tipping on their toes and peeking over tall models’ shoulders to have that one glimpse of their most beloved star. Like moth to a flame, lady to the vampire.

After a few words from Dato’ Nancy Yeoh, the party began.

The Devil must have been a lady, or in the least, gay, because that night was dedicated solely to the masculine sex.

First up, it was an avant-garde presentation by designer Daniel Cho.

It featured a combination of all-black and futuristic masculine clothing, adorned by male models wearing distinguishable gold make-up. On their heads were projective horn designs by A Cut Above, giving the models a strong and authoritative air as they go charging down the ramps.

Brings a whole new meaning to the word “horny” indeed. Heh.

A music performance by Amanda Imani with her rendition of Rolling Stones’ I Can’t Get No Satisfaction. Only 17 and probably the only underage person in the room that night.

Next up, Bon Zainal‘s casual men’s wear collection all year round.

This collection was not really favourite. I thought the style and colour combination were a little off. The boys were pretty though. Heh.

But I love Key Ng‘s men’s wear collection.

Leading the pack is the Malaysian singer/songwriter Reshmonu.

And local actor William San.

The leisure strut was like a walk in the park with smart collars and plaided sweatshirts in dying colours of hued brown. It is a collection of futuristic-looking designs with hairstyles by some of the most innovative designs in the hairstyling scene. Unfortunately, the pictures I have do not do Ng’s collection justice. Bah.

Complementing the catwalk is a jazzy twist from violinist Dennis Lau and a saxophonist.

As the night drew to a close, the Scarlet Mansion began to buzz with excitement as Jonathan Cheng and Voon’s high-end men’s underwear brand, STUD, was about to take the stage. With 12 male models wearing nothing but STUD’s collection of briefs, boxers, trunks and other hot undergarments, specially designed for STYLO.

Yes, you heard me right.

I was staring at rounded asses and washboard abs for the rest of the night, I started seeing them in my sleep. Meh.

If this is what the gateway to Hell looks like, heck sign me up already.

But. You know what they say, leave before the Devil knows you are here. It was already midnight when the showcases finished, and the crowd was shifting towards an after party that would go on for the night. I tipped my hat to the great gates of the Scarlet Mansion and took my leave.

I took a peek into the world of fashion saw that it was quite alright. But some things pretty are better left untouched. Like a grand vase display in the museum. If your curiosity gets the best of you and prompts you to touch it, you might break it, along with the beauty that drove you into feeling it.

The STYLO Fashion Grand Prix, KL ’09 happened from March 28 till April 5.


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9 Responses to “Into the Devil’s lair.”

  1. mista amin Says:

    never thought that u would cover such an event like this.heh

  2. Celeste Says:

    ah well work calls, what to do?
    not that it was such a bad thing anyway, i am only human.
    heh heh heh.

  3. Jun Bug Says:

    This is a very lush article. I have to go confess my sins of even being lured into this lair of nekked men. Thank you for the 10 minutes pleasure of reading and salivating over men I can only hear about and like the Mona Lisa in the Lurve, watch from afar through a glass panel.

  4. JOhn Says:

    Nicely written. 🙂
    I enjoy reading it.

    Gosh I hope I can write 10% as good as you did. ha!
    I enjoy the pics and the whole STYLO. 😀

  5. Celeste Says:

    junnie: behave, junnie. 😛

    john: ah, but you take better photos than i do. 😉

  6. mista amin Says:

    not saying its a bad thing.
    im totally surprised that someone who listen to ‘depressive-suicide’ song by damien rice,deathcab etc
    would enjoy this kind of event.
    this prove u are a merely human being after all 😛

  7. Celeste Says:

    huh… i didn’t even know i had a reputation to uphold. there it goes, out the window. 😛

  8. mista amin Says:

    yeah. of course u got something to uphold especially for someone who was stalking u from your 6am’s blog up till now.hehe 😛

  9. mista amin Says:

    typo error.
    your 5am’s blog.

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