A fashion feast for the eyes.

Event: STYLO Designers Grand Prix
Date: April 2, 2009 (Thursday)
Venue: Lake Gardens, Kuala Lumpur

I think every girl should attend a full-blown fashion show at least once in her lifetime. Alright, call me shallow, but it is kind of the same as guys going to a strip club when they turn 21. It is like a rite of passage thing. Something you have to experience somewhere down the line.

As the race tracks at Sepang heated up for the F1 Petronas Grand Prix last weekend, the runway at the STYLO Fashion Cube burned hot with the brightest fashion designers from Malaysia and Asia.

Since 10AM, the STYLO Designer Grand Prix fashion marathon was at it with a 12-hour marathon, featuring more than 20 young and senior Malaysian designers together with a selection of their Asian counterparts. I would have loved to stay from the beginning, but time would not let me go, and I could only attend the final instalment of the day. Not that I am complaining; for some reason, it is tiring chasing the fashionistas’ ghosts, even though there is only a lot of standing around going on.

As the sun set on the STYLO Fashion Cube, the audience was treated to a two-part fashion show finale by well-respected named in the fashion industry.

First off were evening gown designs by Melvin Lam.

The audience were wowed by his combination of glittering diamonds on electrifying silky dresses that shimmered under the blaring spotlights.

It was as if the stars had fallen from the Heavens onto the bodies of these earth angels. I liked how they seemed to drag their footsteps, giving their pose an air that would leave you entranced, especially the final masterpiece. Although it may be because she could not quicken her steps because of the restriction of the gown, but she managed to spin things her way and wrapped up Lam’s showcase with a delicate look over her shoulder.

Next up was Edric Ong’s Saffron Blues collection, winner of the Designer of the Year award.

The models carried his bohemian beach resort collection like they were taking a stroll by the soothing beach.

I thought this collection was only passable. A lot like the clothes you see in Island Shop. Nothing really spectacular.

At the mention of Bill Keith’s name, the crowd was already cheering him on. Although he rarely takes his designs to the catwalk, his shows were never a disappointment.

Accompanying his collection were live performances by Malaysia’s own divas Ning Baizura, with a Malay rendition of Sweet Dreams, featuring Altimet. Also, Noreen Aziz with her version of Duffy’s Mercy.

Giving the traditional baju kebaya a little bit of shimmer and a little bit of glitz, paired with tutu skirts and skinny pants.

Khoon Hooi was first up at the second half.

A collection of bright crumpled fabric teamed with feathers ala Marie Antoinette.

At it was at this point that I noticed this perverted guy sitting in front of me, who would only sit up straight and take pictures of the pantless models with his cell phone camera. Tsk. Thanks man, great way to turn everything good into dirt.

Next up, going back to her roots in Sarawak, Dato’ Tom Abang Saufi brought to the fashion platter Malaysia’s own pride and joy – the hand woven songket and the hand printed batik.

No zips, no buttons. Yet, she still managed to hold everything together. The Ibans have a whole new set of wardrobe, all thanks to Saufi!

I kind of like how she puts two and two together and makes it a fabulous four. And I liked it that she had some rockish tune going on to match with the models’ walk, and how they would jig along to the beat, breaking all conventional rules of being posed and fragile on the runway.

From Jendela KL, winner of the Fashion Innovator of the Year award, all for the modern time women.

The casual, which were just a bunch of same designs in different cuttings. Looked like a group of air stewardesses to me.

And the sophisticated, previously featured in fashion shows in Dubai and France, as well as a piece worn by the Queen of France Herself. I loved it when the model in white came out bare-footed to Gustav Holst’s Jupiter, The Bringer of Jollity – my favourite track off The Planet suite.

Closing the 12-hour fashion marathon for the night was the sought after Melinda Looi, another winner of the Designer of the Year award.

The flawless beauties represented her designs like the elusive nymphs that sprung out from the rainforest.

I can see why she is an award-winning designer. Her designs were really unique, pairing up leather pieces with nocturnal chiffon hues, as well as highlighting the hour-glass figures the models were dying to flaunt. Probably my favourite collection for the night.

OK, so her designs were previously paraded during the Malaysia International Fashion Week last year, but hey, Rome was not built in a day, and to come up with another charming collection like that, it is not easy as well.

The Cube was freezing that night – all nights, actually – and although I barely felt it because I was wearing stokings and a thick cotton-clad dress, everyone was rushing out the door the moment Melinda’s done her bow. Heh.

But suffice to say, it was an interesting experience, being in a fashion show. Pinpointing the models I like with the way she walks, and laugh in my head when a few almost tripped. (OK, maybe not laughing; I did worry for their embarrassment if ever they should fall). It was nice.

The STYLO Fashion Grand Prix, KL ’09 happened from March 28 till April 5.


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2 Responses to “A fashion feast for the eyes.”

  1. fark Says:

    No offense but i only enjoyed looking at the models 😛

  2. mista amin Says:

    me too 😛

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