I has widgetz.

Also guest blogging at Backseat Radio: One of those days.


Well, somebody’s got to keep up with the times. Anyway, no serious blogging this time. Just a few added widgets for the small time traveller.

1. Gmail
Yeah, yeah. I am way behind on this. While everyone is going about in a frenzy registering to a gazillion Gmails, I am ignoring it all and sticking my loyalty to hotmail. But as I am exposed to the Gmail format at work, I found it rather organised, which is a good thing for a planner/organiser like me.

So, if you have any queries for the blog, or an event or destination you think I should attend, or just to ring me up on Gtalk to have a chitchat, feel free to get in touch with me at whatnow.mswriter@gmail.com.

No spam please; swine flu and all.

2. Google map
One of the perks of having a Gmail account. I do not know how this would be useful, since there are already so many placemarks out there for one place. But I decided to test run some of eateries, accommodations and destinations on the map, geared with an excerpt, contact details and a link to my articles. So, if you happen to find me buried under the bunch of other placemarks, well done.

3. Twitter
Ah yes, the latest ‘blogging’ trend. I thought it would be pretty neat to have somewhere to give updates of the blog. As you can see, there it is on the right panel of the site.

So, add me at http://www.twitter.com/sttraveller, if you would like to get updates on the latest blog posts. I will also include updates on the entries I do at Backseat Radio. Sometimes even updates on my whereabouts – event-wise. Sometimes random ones like the bastardious driver I meet on the road. But nothing too frequent or unnecessary. I know how annoying it gets when it is overly done.


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