Crabbing in Labuan.

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According to the locals, a trip to Labuan is not complete if you did not visit Anjung Ketam. As the name suggested (literally translated as ‘Crab Cape’ – I think), you would be expecting an endless supply of flower crabs while you are there. Or at least, while stocks last.

After the Seremban crab-out a while back, I was quite ready to swear off crabs from anywhere else, really. But, being a crab lover, that sounds silly. So, as the smaller crabs looked back at me with such convincing inkdropped eyes, how could I say no?

We ordered two types of crabs that night. One was the original one without any flavouring, and another one with spicy recipe. And I decided that the original one tasted better. Flower crabs are sweet by themselves, I suppose, and it was fun to peel their white skins off the shells and savour on the sweetness. With flavouring, I guess it killed off the sweetness of the crabs.

Granted the crabs were nowhere as good as the ones we had in Seremban (besides the fact that they are flower crabs and not mudcrabs), and even one of them bit me, but I suppose it was quite a nice meal too because of the sweet originality. Also, any excuse to eat crabs, no? Heh.

Anjung Ketam is located next to Tanjung Aru, just off the trail of Jalan Tanjung Aru. The humble restaurant clings onto the edge of the Eastern shores of Labuan, and can seat about 50 pax comfortably.

Here, you are guaranteed the freshest catch of the day – every day. No day-old crabs or cold storage ones; it is straight from the sea to the kitchen and onto your plates. There are even different stalls available in Anjung Ketam, where diners get to sample different kinds of recipe for different kinds of taste each stall has to offer. Not too shabby for a shack, eh?

Anjung Ketam is open daily from as early as 3.30PM. Peak hours are during dinner time around 7PM. Timing just right after watching the sunset at the beach. Booking is strongly recommended as it has a history of being over booked – even on weeknights!

You can ring up Anni, one of the stall keepers at Anjung Ketam, at +6 016 819 8296, latest in the morning of the day you will be visiting for dinner to secure a table there.


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