XOXO, Lipstick Gossip.

Event: Lipstick Gossip #4
Date: September 24, 2009 (Thursday)
Venue: TwentyOne Kitchen+Bar

Awhile back, I received an invitation to attend TwentyOne Kitchen+Bar’s monthly event, known as Lipstick Gossip.

For those who do not know, Lipstick Gossip is an all girls’ cocktail party. It is at its fourth instalment last month, and it is an invitation-only event, which features a bunch of girlie activities to leave the ladies pampered and refreshed. And of course, free rounds of specially concocted cocktails and finger food.

Work has been bogging me down, and after checking out the list of activities they would be having at the party, I thought why not make a night out of it. It could be fun.

Alas. Lipstick Gossip happens every last Thursday of the month, and being a weeknight, it was hard to round up a few gal pals to attend this party together. Not that I have a lot of girl friends to begin with in KL, but yeah. Everyone was either engaged with another appointment, or was too tired to head out somewhere on a weeknight. So, in the end, it was only me and Ariel.

The party started at 7PM, and after wrapping up work for the day in an untidy bow, we headed down to Changkat Bukit Bintang for a quick girls’ night out.

Once we parked our tired ass on the chairs at the al-fresco area, the waiters came up with a couple of drinks to quench our thirst for the night.

There was the Chocolate Hersheys Bananarama – I think – with a familiar tinge of milky chocolate alcohol that tasted like Baileys.

And another tangy orange spirit, which I did not catch the name, for the non-alcoholic ladies that night.

And some finger food.

There was not much time to waste at the event, what with so much going on simultaneously. Not to mention a queue that was building up as the crowd poured in with more ladies wanting to get their hair done, their nails done, their makeups done… So, it was best to get down to it before the night runs out.

There were hairstylists armed with curlers, giving you a night’s worth of curly hair.

There were manicurists giving your fingers a quick splash of colours.

Makeup artists giving your pretty face a makeover.

A masseur who was more than happy to give your body a quick massaging pamper to loosen up your tensed muscles.

And a caricaturist whipping up portraits after portraits of your cartoon selves.

I was a little disappointed that the tarot card reader was not present that night. I have been waiting for the longest time for another read since my last one in Australia. Meh. But still, I managed to get myself caricatured before the night ended.

Which, in my opinion, did not really look like me. Hmm.

After sitting around with not much else to do, Ariel and I got a little bored. The fact that there was still a day’s worth of office hours the day after sort of dampened the night’s mood for us. Also, it would be nice though to serve more tummy-filling food other than finger food. I mean, it is not really lady-like to keep reaching for the finger food. Heh.

Lipstick Gossip is clearly an event suitable for a party of more than two, and especially when there is much to gossip about among themselves in regards to work, boys and probably other girls that got on your nerves. Heh.

It would definitely be something to check out with your close-knitted girl friends. Perhaps even somewhere you head to to get yourself a total free makeover, before going to another shindig elsewhere. If you were to head home straight after that, it sort of defeats the purpose of curling your hair or getting made up.

Lipstick Gossip #5 is set to be on October 29, 2009.

TwentyOne Kitchen+Bar

20-1 Changkat Bukit Bintang
50200 Kuala Lumpur
Mon-Fri: 11AM-1AM; Fri-Sun: 11AM-3AM
T: +6 03 2142 0021
E: info@twentyone.com.my
W: http://www.twentyone.com.my


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2 Responses to “XOXO, Lipstick Gossip.”

  1. superwilson Says:

    Nice, but how come dun have ur pix?

  2. Junnie Says:

    yes. u r right. caricature doesnt look like you at all. u r way cuter. 🙂

    This seems like a lovely place for a girly night out.

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