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Jolly Frog goes ribbit, ribbit.

May 22, 2010

It’s been a while since I last posted something on food. Now that the concerts and events have died down a little, I think it’s time to get back to that. Just don’t drool all over the keys, alright?

The last time I was down in Singapore for Stereophonics’ concert, I had my friends take me around for some nice eating spots in the fine city. After a late night of club hopping, we kickstarted our Sunday morning with some hearty breakfasts. And we chose this cosy little gourmet cafe – Jolly Frog, around the Chinatown precinct.

A bit of love on my Cafe Latte to brighten up my day as I flip through the morning papers. Heh.

Despite being a late riser, I adore breakfast platters. The sausages, the buttered toasts, the scrambled eggs, the crispy bacons – oh the bacons. So, of course I went for the one on the menu that screams the loudest, “Eat me! Eat me!”

I suppose you can’t go wrong with the Jolly Big Breakfast (SGD15). It’s got everything you ever need for a filling breakfast: toasts, eggs, sausages, roasted tomatoes, sauteed mushrooms, and did I mention – bacons?

Another yummylicious breakfast to try out is the Eggs Florentine (SGD11.50). Drizzled in Hollandaise sauce that drips onto the plate sensually, poached eggs, toasts, baby spinach and – why yes – bacons.

But if you’re not up for a big appetite so early in the morning, or you just want to eat healthy or watch your weight, try out the Cinnamon French Toast with fair trade bananas in organic yogurt (SGD7.50).

Or the Roasted Portobello Mushroom Bruschetta with goat’s cheese and wild rocket (SGD10.90).

They don’t have no bacons though. Boo.

I thought Jolly Frog was quite cosy. Small but spacious enough to fit in enough people for a cheery morning. There is also an al-fresco dining area for someone who would like to have their morning meals outside.

Sure, the weather in Singapore can get quite unbearable sometimes, but lucky for the patrons, Jolly Frog’s cooling system on the outside and inside is good enough to keep us comfortable as we drag on our breakfast sessions well into the afternoon.

So, if you’re looking for some place to cure the hangover from the night before, or if you may, bring that someone you bedded the night before for some nice breakfast, Jolly Frog would be an appropriate place to visit. It is located along an almost deserted road, and the cafe is low key for that quiet moment.

And look, they have fresh and bright gerberras – one of my favourites. Now, who would not want a tint of sunshine on your table as you enjoy some jolly ol’ brekkie? Heh.

Jolly Frog Gourmet Bistro Bar
81 Neil Road
Opens weekdays @ 9AM-11.30AM; weekends @ 9AM-2.30PM
T: +65 6222 9227