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The Pink Sage is my new obsession.

July 10, 2010

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It’s not even a question. It’s on the lips of your lover. It’s the love you discover. (See what I just did there? Heh).

Relocated not too long ago to Solaris Dutamas, just a little bit down the road from Solaris Mont Kiara, The Pink Sage has created quite livelihood in the still developing centre. The diner is far from being exaggerated by perky pink walls, but it has all the creativity the fun-loving colour possess.

With a simple interior that houses many laughters their customers bring in groups and packs, The Pink Sage serves breakfasts, lunches and dinners daily. From signature favourites to familiar dishes, take it easy here over the weekend. Believe me, it will be love at first sight.

The Pink Sage serves breakfasts of all sizes that will satisfy all kinds of appetites, including the Stacked breakfast (RM17.50). Your choice of beef, chicken or lamb sausages, juicy beef brisket, with the side of toast, beans and mushrooms to go with eggs cooked any way you want. Packed with protein to give your morning a good headstart.

One of the must try’s here is their homemade burgers. They have a pretty good selection, but if it’s your first time, order the Classic cheeseburger (RM21.50). A thick patty of beef, oozing with avocado sauce, you can smell it on its way from the kitchen, even before the waiter places the platter on your table. Although quite petite in size, but it is enough to fill the tummy until the next meal.

Also with a decent selection to choose from are the tacos and quesadillas, such as the Ribeye steak quesadillas (RM24.00). In bite-sized forms, these pockets full of beef served hot from the oven drenched in spicy sauce, are suitable for a mid-day brunch for those who aren’t looking for overbearing dishes first thing in their morning, or afternoon.

Make a meal out of this, or share it with your friends. Whatever you do, The Pink Sage’s 3 stack buttermilk pancakes (RM8.50) is one dessert you would make room for even if you’re stretched to the brim. Although it’s merely three stacks, sprinkled with snowy powdered sugar and topped with a strawberry, it holds a great deal of sweetness to its name, being a household favourite to many. It definitely makes for a good start for your day at the diner, as well as an end to it all.

Also on the menu is the pancakes’ dessert sister in arms, Classic waffles (RM9.50). Baked to a good browning crisp and crowned with a dollop of vanilla ice cream, add some flavouring maple syrup and jam on the side to sweeten things up a bit.

So, how about spending your Sunday a little away from town here at The Pink Sage. Just drop in anytime, and they will greet you with a smiley…

… hello.

* The Pink Sage is a pork-free establishment.

The Pink Sage
Solaris Dutamas
1 Jalan Dutamas 1
50480 Kuala Lumpur
Opens everyday @ 8AM-11PM
T: +6 016 205 2023
F: +6 03 6207 9908