: An engineer-to-be’s randomness.
: A kickass camera and three terrabyte of porn.
Backseat Radio
: Give me music, or give me death.
Clouded Pawn : The Chessboard of My Life
: A kuching person.
Chimney Tops : Whoever said you can’t buy happiness, doesn’t know where to shop.
Ding ‘a’ Leng
: Producer in the making.
John or Han, Your Pick : Big time traveller.
Koon, Koon and Koon : When you decided to wear the underwear on your head.
Quintessentially Kai : Muscles.
Seoul Times : She’s got seoul, baby.
The Creative Nomad : Canadian goes ching-chong-chang.
The Lies We Tell Ourselves : Lying is the most fun a girl can have without taking her clothes off.
The Shutter Clicks : Life through the lens.
The Sweetest Thing : A future lawyer’s quiet mind.
x0factor : When you aren’t travelling, you find yourself in this world.

Other interesting websites I frequent:
Apple – Movie Trailers : Buffing for movies. : I can’t take my eyes off of you. : The love I left behind. : It’s Obee’s fault, I swear. : The wizard of oh’s and ah’s and fa-la-la’s. : It’s in my trunk. : We all have secrets waiting to tell.
Time Out KL : Oh, hello, Mr Kwan. : Occupational hazard.

Got a killer blog to share? Leave a comment, and I will oblige. Maybe.


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